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Mommy eTime is the place where it’s mommy time all the time! We research out and and curate articles, helpful tips & ideas, and products geared to the busy mom’s lifestyle. Our goal is to to filter the very best of the Web each day for what’s cool, new and interesting to moms and find what’s worth reading.

We believe that mom’s hold the greatest influence and highest, most noble position in our society.   They’re the unwavering supporters and nurturers, and motivators, alarm-clock setters, doers of laundry and dishes, and makers of meals.  They help shape character and fulfill dreams.  They improve the lives of their families and the world around them.  No one has a greater impact on the home than a mother.  

Mommy eTime provides a “time out for mommy” and seeks to be a source of encouragement, inspiration, news and creative ideas for stay-at-home and working moms alike.

If you’d like to join us on this journey, we invite you to write for us and help us bring the best content for moms that we can to our awesome community of readers.


danafrommd 1329506003 o About Mommy eTimeDana Sanders is the Founder and Managing Editor of Mommy eTime. She has been an online solopreneur for over 6 years and loves all things related to online business and ecommerce. Dana’s passion for e-Marketing is expressed in everything from bargain shopping to traveling to running a business from home. Dana understands the life and demands involved with being a mommy and is excited to merge all of her passions into this moms blog site. Dana’s inspiration for starting Mommy eTime is her ardent quest is to connect with ordinary moms living phenomenal lives.  Her most valued role is that of wife to Rick and mother to their two small children, Jaden and Milan. Connect with Dana at dana@mommyetime.com.

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