Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved with House Cleaning

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It’s often very difficult to get the kids motivated to help out around the house or to do their chores without alot of prodding from you.  Here’s a great tip one mom used to help turn the family chores into a game:

Materials Needed: squares of cardstock (ours were 2×2 I think), large foam board, tape, envelopes, markers, stickers.

1. Cut your cardstock squares to fit your foam board. Lay them out to check and make sure they will work.

game+board Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved with House Cleaning

2. Write down different chores/cleaning tasks on each card and brainstorm a list of simple and fun activities you could do once you are done and get four in a row! You could also brainstorm a list of adventures to go on that are extra special once all the bigger tasks are done (in our case that would be when the spring cleaning tasks are done).

3. Categorize the activities by importance using stickers. (For example, rainbow stickers could mean the task could happen later in the day, frog stickers could mean that they need to happen now!)

game+cards Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved with House Cleaning

4. Put the task cards in labeled envelopes and hang your game board somewhere you can see it.

5. Choose several task cards and hang them up with tape.

5. Celebrate once you’ve completed four tasks in any direction! We didn’t celebrate by doing anything super special, but the kids got to choose a simple, fun activity that they wanted to do and we had a blast playing when we got four in a row!
6. Start the game again with new tasks once you’ve gotten four in a row and celebrated!
If you laminate your cards they can be used again and again and again… which is good because many of the tasks we have on our “to do” list always seem to need to be done 🙂

Do you have any fun ways that you involve your kids with cleaning and chores around your house? Pass along any ideas or advice!

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