Simple Organizational Strategies To Tackle Clutter

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Strategies to Tackle Clutter mommyetime 300x232 Simple Organizational Strategies To Tackle Clutter

Some people are naturally organized.  They hate clutter and somehow have the “gift” to keep it out of their homes and spaces.  Unfortunately, that would not be me.  I hate clutter just as much as those organized folks, but yet, somehow I struggle to stay on top of it all.  

Paper clutter, in particular, is my biggest challenge.  Because I am a visually oriented person, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.  So, I am always on the lookout for simple decluttering and organizational techniques that work.   I have listed a list of organizational resources to help get the clutter under control.  Not every strategy will work for everyone, but hopefully there’s at least one thing you’ll discover that will work for you.

 Taylor Flannery of Home Storage Solutions 101  shares:

Trying to cram stuff into too tight of a space, or seeing stacks of stuff all over the place because there isn’t even room to try to cram it somewhere out of sight makes things hard in our lives.

When there is visual chaos, as opposed to clear flat spaces in our home, it creates tension that keeps us from truly relaxing and enjoying our homes. That’s why clutter has got to go.

Clutter robs us of peace, tranquility, time, and enjoyment, and instead gives us stress. Get rid of clutter and home organization becomes a heck of a lot easier and more enjoyable too, because it is easier to find appropriate places for all the stuff you’ve got left in your home, the stuff that really matters.

Write Various Decluttering Tasks On Balls ~ via Kids Activities Blog

Fill up a box with toys that ‘deserve a break’ ~ via Kids Activities Blog

According to Life Coach Laurie Gerber, clutter is something that is bigger than just the piles of things that crowd our space:

Clutter is everything that’s distracting you from the important things in your life. It can involve physical chaos and disorganization, but it can also be things like worrying, arguing, gossiping, overscheduling, overeating, debt, being overwhelmed by paperwork, or feeling like a victim and having pity parties for yourself. Clutter accumulates because of negative and self-defeating theories you hold about yourself that you’ve come to believe are true.

The first step [to getting rid of clutter] is to get honest about what you want, what’s important to you, and all the fears that stand in the way. From there, you have to figure out the right action plan for moving forward. That might mean developing a missing skill or support system, or removing some other longstanding barrier to your success. This is a lot of what we help people with at the Handel Group.

Another simple, powerful step involves leveraging your personal integrity by making a specific promise that relates to one of your big life-clutter challenges and then keeping it. If you realize that TV is getting in the way of you writing a book, for example, you could make a promise to severely limit or eliminate TV. If you find that your constantly buzzing cell phone keeps you from having uninterrupted quality time with your kids, promise to turn it off for two designated hours at night, and do that. Keeping small promises like this can be empowering enough to inspire other positive changes.

Laurie Gerber

  • Get tips from Organized Home on how to clear the clutter from your house and space with a good ole’ fashioned yard sale.  Get organized for a yard sale with a free yard sale checklist and printable yard sale signs.
  • Unclutterer is the website for home and office organization. It’s not just for the helplessly disorganized who would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, and pack rats looking to put their stashes on a diet, but also for obsessive compulsive neat freaks looking to squeeze even more order into their lives.

Brain Dump To Do List ~via Living the Balanced Life

When I am struggling with too many thoughts bombarding my mind, I have found it helpful to write them down.  This is a simple, yet extremely effective exercise to get the ideas out of my mind on onto paper.  That way, once the ideas are transferred out of my mind onto paper, I am free to move on in the process.

I love the brain dump tips shared by Living the Balanced Life on how to clear mental clutter:

Get alone, if possible with a notepad and a pen. This works best if you actually use paper. I want you to start listing all the pressing things going through your mind. Everything from the dog needing to go to the vet, to the fingerprints on the windows to the brakes that need fixing to the husband who is not being very cooperative. JUST WRITE. As fast as you can.

Living the Balanced Life

>> Watch these quick videos to help moms organize the closet, declutter your home, and organize your dresser drawers and fold clothes.


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