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I am always on the lookout for unique and fun family traditions that I can incorporate within my own family. Here’s an awesome school year tradition that you can do with Dr. Suess’ Oh The Places You’ll Go! Take the book into your child’s teacher at the end of the school year for them to sign and write a note to your child, then give the book to your child as a special high school graduation gift!  

Dr. Seuss Tag Create A Fun School Year Tradition

Awesome idea with Dr. Suess’ Oh The Places You’ll Go ~ via Lisa’s Workshop


Lisa of Lisa’s Workshop doesn’t just have her child’s school teacher sign the book but also other significant school personnel such as the school principal, gym teacher, librarian, etc.  She shares a great poem she found that you can can swipe to send to the teacher when you request their personal remarks in your child’s book of memories:

Dear Teacher, very grateful to you I would be,
if you would please, please do this favor for me.
I started this gift when James was small,
and plan to complete it by the time she is tall.
Each teacher who helps her along the way,
I hope will autograph –that is to say-
Please add a note, a picture or song,
A special memory can never be wrong.
You have helped make her the person she is
and you can take credit when they call her a whiz!
I will present it to her on commencement day
in honor of you who are so special today.
I don’t know which direction she’ll take – North, South, East or West,
but I do know she thinks her teachers are the best!

Lisa’s Workshop

When your child completes high school, you can then hand them this priceless gift, compiled throughout their school years, at their graduation party. LOVE!!

I plan on adding this end of school year tradition idea for my own children, not just because of it’s simplicity to implement, but also because it will become a part of the beautiful fabric of their childhood.  It’s never too late to get started!  Since kids are in the midst of returning back to school, you can even ask last year’s teachers to sign the book while the memories of your child are still fresh in the minds.

If you’re interested in starting your own Dr. Seuss graduation gift for your children, you can pick up a copy of Dr. Suess’ Oh The Places You’ll Go! from Amazon

Hope you enjoy this idea as much as I do.  Please share your thoughts below.


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