Creating a Behavioral Chart for Kids

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 Creating a Behavioral Chart for Kids

Behavioral Chart ~ via ShowTellShare Blog

Helping your kids to see instant rewards/consequences for their behavior can often times go a long way in motivating them to do make good choices.

Here’s a mom who created a simple behavior chart to help keep the kids in check.  She gives instruction on how to do it yourself and also how to get the kids involved with the project. The thought is that if they help to make it, they will be more motivated to use it.

I printed up the words I chose to use on colored cardstock and then laminated them. Then I cut a foam board down to the size I wanted and glued the strips to the board. The colors I chose obviously reflect traffic light colors (go forward, slow down, stop).

The kids all decorated their own wooden clothespins (ownership!). Then my husband installed a little shelf in the kitchen that I’ve had kicking around the garage for years, I screwed two hooks on the bottom, and we were in business.

On top of the shelf is a jar full of pompoms and three smaller jars. The kids set goals for something they really want, and then when their jars are full, they earn their prizes. They earn pompoms each time they reach “awesome.” If someone has stayed on awesome until the end of the night (our toughest time), they get five pompoms.

When I see good or poor behavior, all I have to do is say, “Move your clip (up) (down),”and they do all the rest.

ShowTellShare Blog

This is a great and kid-friendly behavioral method that I hope to use for teaching acceptable behavior to my children.


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