How To Communicate Love To Your Children

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Love Languages chart How To Communicate Love To Your Children

Mom’s Guide to the Five Love Languages (with printable) ~ via Busy Kids Happy Moms


Learning how to communicate love effectively with our children should be every parent’s top priority.  We are the most important and most influential people in their lives and every important life lesson they learn begins with us, their parents.  We love our children deeply, but our higher objective should be to make sure they really feel loved and to keep their emotional love tank filled.

I have read in the past the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and have gained so much insight from the book about myself, my husband and other significant relationships.  So, I was delighted to come across this printable chart designed by Busy Kids Happy Moms to help parents discover their children’s love language.

The 5 Love Languages are: 

Physical Touch
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time

You can take the Love Language Mystery Game which is a quick online assessment tool to help you unlock the mystery of your child’s love language. Afterwards, pick up a copy of the 5 Love Languages for Children for further reading and insight.

Learning to communicate with our children in their primary love language can be the best investment we make in our parenting relationship with them, and to their self esteem, which will open them up to become happy and mature adults. I also recommend “The Five Love Languages” [for couples] – a strong relationship with your spouse is a precious gift for your child/ren as well as yourself.


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