Throw a Lego Birthday Party

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LEGO invite1 Throw a Lego Birthday Party

The Best Birthday Invite Ever ~ via LMNOP


When your birthday boy (or girl) wants a LEGO birthday party, celebrate the LEGO way with brick inspired party. The colors are so bright and festive and there are a ton of creative ways to make the event memorable. Whether you need decorations, games, activities, party food, party cake, gift bag favors, costumes or gifts, we’ve lined up the most fun-filled LEGO birthday party ideas and freebies to help you throw the best LEGO birthday party ever built!

Lego cake pops Livinglocurto 300x191 Throw a Lego Birthday Party

Lego Cake Pops ~ via Living Locurto

Lego Birthday Party Invitation ~ via Tip Junkie

Cake for a Lego-themed Party

Cake for a Lego-themed Party ~ via Whisk Me Away

LEGO party bags

LEGO Party Bags ~ via Crunchy Catholic Momma

Mama Knucker Hatch shares her tips for the “Build a Lego Man” LEGO scavenger hunt:

Here is what one team received, with an individual lego piece and a message stuffed in a Gladware box, which was marked by a balloon:

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #1
You’ll find a lego HAT where a silver canoe can be found. Collect this hat in the box with your next mission. HURRY!

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #2
You’ll find a lego HEAD where the large basketball hoop is located. Collect this head and attach it to your hat from Mission #1. Then tackle your next mission. TIME IS TICKING!

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #3
You’ll find a lego CHEST where our chickens lay eggs. Collect this chest and attach it to your head with a hat from Mission #2. WHAT ARE STANDING HERE FOR?!

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #4
Well done TEAM RED! You are doing fantastic. You’ll find lego LEGS on our farm road. Look for the red balloon. Add your legs to your body. TWO more missions left! SCOOT!!!

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #5
You found it! BRAVO! Now your lego man needs tools. You should obtain TOOL #1 near the picnic table. Add the tool to one hand of your lego man. NOW GET GOING!

Scavenger TEAM RED

Mission #6
WOW! You guys are super fast. Your last mission is to retrieve TOOL #2 near the front door of the house. (The door under the white porch.) Add the second tool to the other lego man’s hand. Your mission is complete TEAM RED! Take your lego man and ring the cow bell to announce you have FINISHED!!!

BettyCrocker shows you how to make building blocks in this video :

Super low key LEGO Decorations ~ via Simply Sara

LEGO Pinata with Instructions ~ via Manic Mommies


LEGO themed goody bags ~ via Dawny Poo

Make LEGO Crayons for the Party Gift Bags ~ via Creative Compolsive

  • Super low key decorations and fantastic LEGO game idea from Simply Sara
  • LEGO Piñata with instructions on how to do it yourself by Manic Mommies
  • This mom shares her flair for the creative with beautifully decorated snack and guest tables and fun LEGO themed goody bags.
  • How to make LEGO crayons for the party favor bag along with coloring sheets downloaded from the Lego site from creativecompolsive.
  • Get lots of fun ideas for LEGO party games and party prizes including LEGO Bingo and Build the Tallest Tower at How to Cook That. provides a FREE Sheet of 9 Lego Mini Figures Colored Stickers (Click Image to Print):

You now have everything you need to celebrate your brick inspired party and create a fun filled and memorable party for your LEGO lovin’ little ones! Happy Lego Party Planning!

Share your Lego related party ideas in the comments below.

Throw a Lego Birthday Party, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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