Facts You Never Knew About Moms (Infographic)

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Despite what some may think about it, being a mom is one of the hardest and most important role in human history.  Influencing the lives of our future leaders is no small task. Every person alive is affected by moms since every one has one.  

Here is an infographic which gives you some fascinating facts about mothers all over the world. You can see a lot of progress for women in these statistics. You can also see some information that warrants head scratching. Not all of these facts indicate a positive change for women or for families. 

Mommy Facts Infographic Facts You Never Knew About Moms (Infographic)

Mommy Facts You Never Knew ~ via Newborn Baby Zone


Although, you can look at it as a good thing that so many mothers are choosing to have their own careers outside of the home, there is an unpleasant correlation. Nearly half of mothers in the US are unmarried. While some experts are ok with this statistic, it is disturbing to others. Children generally fare much better when raised in stable two-parent households.

Another less than desirable part of these statistics is the father’s role in many households. While so many mothers are working outside of the home to bring in half or more of the family income, dads are still not pitching into chores in an even proportion.  While 72% of moms work outside of the home, they are still doing 88% of the laundry when they’re not at work.

The average age of moms is climbing as women try to delay motherhood until after the climb to the top of their chosen professions. Unfortunately, this leaves many women in their late 30’s and 40’s deciding to have children, only to struggle with infertility or the ability to carry healthy babies to term.

The bottom line is that the choices that we make as women have an impact on the lives of our families.  Every woman needs to make her own decisions about whether to work inside or outside of the home, when to have children, and how best to manage her competing and multiple priorities.


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