What Moms Need to Know About Going Back to School

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Online Colleges and Moms What Moms Need to Know About Going Back to School

What You Didn’t Know About Online Colleges and Moms ~ via Classes and Careers


Once upon a time, if you got pregnant, your education and career possibilities flat lined. Now, though, there are great opportunities available for women to go back to school, even after she’s had a child or two. Why is it that so many moms choose not to further their education?  Perhaps it is because when people think of college, they think of full course loads, 4-hour lectures, and late nights at the campus library. With babies at home, a household to manage, and a full time job, this kind of time commitment is impractical for most and nearly impossible for many.

Thankfully, moms don’t have to worry about these issues anymore with the increase in opportunities to earn your degree online. While it may still be difficult to juggle all of the competing priorities, online college programs solve many of the scheduling conflicts that have accompanied the traditional on-campus education. Many of these colleges and universities are affordable, accredited, and accessible to mothers in any personal situation. The statistic that only 6.8% of women in the workforce have less than a high school diploma as opposed to 33.5% in 1970 is inspiring. Today’s woman is taking control of her future and not allowing the demands of parenthood to stop her from achieving her goals.

There are many advantages for moms to go back to school to continue with their education. In addition to the personal development benefits, mothers with undergraduate or advanced degrees can create a better future for herself by increasing her earning power as well as set a wonderful example for their children about the importance of education. In addition, by increasing your skill set, you are better able to achieve your professional goals, which many put on hold when they start their families.

Previous generations had a much harder time rising above their circumstances. With so much financial aid available, and the ability to take college courses online, there really isn’t any reason for a mom to put off going back to school to finish or advance her degree, if she really wants to do so.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Should moms return to school?  Share your thoughts and/or opinions, I would love to hear from you.


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