Love Your Life, Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

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The Holstee Manifesto mommyetime Love Your Life, Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community.


Making the decision to change those areas of our lives that we don’t like takes alot of courage.  It is often easier to just accept “the hand that we’ve been dealt”.  Fear is a very strong demotivator for change. It’s very scary to think about all of the “what if’s” of things not going according to plan.  It’s feels safer, somehow, to just allow things to remain as they are…even if we’re unfulfilled, unhappy and feeling stuck.

The Holstee Manifesto is a great reminder about how short life is…and the importance of us making the quality decision to live our best life.  We need to be intentional about how we spend our time and stop wasting our time on trivial pursuits.  We need to stop waiting for someone else to make us happy and to quit over-analyzing and procrastinating those things we want to do. 

We need to get out of our comfort zones and open ourselves up to new experiences, new ideas, and new relationships. We need to find the time to connect with and enjoy one another.  We need to give ourselves the permission to do something different and to discover and try something another way. We need to believe that even if we’ve failed before, we can succeed now.

We need to love the uniqueness of who God made us to be and celebrate, not despise, it.  You don’t have to apologize for not being good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough. You are more than good enough.  You are great! You are a priceless jewel of great value.

Stop waiting for the time to be right to do what you love.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  We only have this moment, at this time, to fully live the life that we’ve always dreamed of living.

Will you make the choice today to live your life in the conscious pursuit of your dearest longings and grandest hopes? The time is now for you to love your life, live your dreams and share your passion.


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Dana Sanders is the Founder and Managing Editor of Mommy eTime. She has been an online solopreneur for over 10 years and loves all things related to online business and ecommerce. Dana’s passion for e-Marketing is expressed in everything from bargain shopping to traveling to running a business from home. Dana understands the life and demands involved with being a mommy and is excited to merge all of her passions into this moms blog site. Dana’s inspiration for starting Mommy eTime is her ardent quest is to connect with ordinary moms living phenomenal lives. Her most valued role is that of wife to Rick and mother to their two children, Jaden and Milan. Connect with Dana at Follow me on Twitter / Facebook.

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