Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub Review

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Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub Review

Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub ~ You no longer have to lean, bend, sit, or squat just to bathe your baby.


Anyone with a new baby quickly learns how much space all of the baby gear requires. From the infant swing to the baby toys, the crib, and the other baby equipment we need to have on hand to do our motherly tasks, the available space in our homes gets overtaken by it all.  I love anything that is portable, practical and functional so the Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub fits the bill, especially if you don’t have room to store those large baby tubs.

Soon after we bring home our bundle of joy from the hospital, bathing them becomes a regular part of our routine. I love that the Puj Tub makes bath time so much fun for baby and so easy to use for moms (and dads). You just literally throw it in the kitchen sink and you can stand up, without hurting your back, and bathe baby. Then, when bathtime is over, you just toss the water out of it, unfold it and hang it up to dry on a hook or lay it flat and wipe it once with a towel. It folds so well that you can even pack it in your suitcase while traveling.

The Puj Foldable Baby Bath Tub is designed to fit most standard sinks, although other product reviews have stated that if you have a deep circle sized sink, do not buy this. It’s better designed for oval-shaped sinks with a tall faucet.

It’s suited for young infants up to about 4 months old and is perfect for moms who have had c-sections or anyone who can’t bend over a bathtub without discomfort. The Puj Tub also makes a great baby shower gift for expectant moms.

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