Waterslide Down From Cliffs Into Mediterranean Sea

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Before getting married, and definitely before having children, traveling to different locations for vacation was at the top of my priority list. It is still essential to me and my husband to have annual family vacations.  We’ve just learned to adjust our criteria to only those destinations which are easy to get to since we still have to bring along a significant amount of baby gear when we travel. 

Although we have not yet had the privilege to travel to Europe since being married, it is at the top of our “bucket list” of places to go before our kids grow up.  After viewing these photos, the Città del Mare Hotel Village in Siciliy, Italy is one destination that has been added to our list of dream vacation spots.

Città del Mare Hotel Village Waterslide Down From Cliffs Into Mediterranean Sea


Città del Mare Hotel Village1 Waterslide Down From Cliffs Into Mediterranean Sea


Located on the northwest coast of Sicily, Italy, on the Gulf of Castellammare, the hotel Città del Mare boasts one of the coolest waterslides I’ve ever seen.  After enjoying a trip down these water-fall style water slides from the cliffs above, you will be let out into the warm Mediterranean ocean. Ahhhh!!

We may have to wait awhile for the children to get to the age where they can enjoy a waterslide of this magnitude. The good news is that it gives us plenty of time to save for our future trip to Italy in the family vacation budget. In the meantime, a girl can can always dream…

Waterslide Down From Cliffs Into Mediterranean Sea, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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